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If you need professional, personalised services in order to establish commercial links with Polish companies involved in footwear, tanning, leather and allied sectors/industries, you have found the right site.





SERVICES - "TCH Services" provide the following services:

  • Acting as agent or broker
  • Acting as distributor
  • Consulting services (providing studies, reports, analyses, feasibility studies, lists of customers etc.)
  • Other business-to-business services as requested
  • Making arrangements, accompanying foreign business people during business trips to Poland
  • Translation services

WHY USE "TCH Services"?

I have worked in the footwear and leather business for over 20 years and my knowledge of Polish industries and their realities is second to none.Because of a strong background in the leather industry in administration, marketing (local and international), manufacturing, international finance, importing and exporting, and communication, I have built a strong, healthy organisation that can fill many existing needs.

While I primarily focus on the leather industry, I have such broad knowledge of my country's business culture that I do not totally limit myself to the leather industry. Many business people therefore confidently use my services for their particular industries.

I worked for many years for SKORIMPEX Foreign Trade Company of Footwear and Leather Industry in Lodz, at that time the biggest organisation in Poland, in the footwear and leather sectors. I also worked over 5 years in England as a manager at Import-Export Company Skorimpex Rind Ltd.

I was also employed as commercial director at Chemiskór S.A., the premier Polish company in the leather sector, until its recent purchase.




My responsibilities also include writing editorials and articles for the Leather Trade Journal "Przeglad Skorzany", the Polish monthly dedicated to footwear and leather businessmen in Poland. I also act as a freelance journalist for WORLD LEATHER, and I am a marketing consultant for the Polish Chamber of Shoe and Leather Industry in Lodz.

I have signed an agreement with World Leather Magazine and its website - I am their correspondent and I write all news from Poland on this website.




  • Nearly 40 million population
  • Emerging market, the fastest-growing economy in this part of Europe
  • Gateway to Russia and CIS states



  • I have the broadest and most detailed possible knowledge of the Polish footwear, leather, tanning and co-operating industries: I know the majority of people personally
  • I have wide international experience in administration, marketing, manufacturing, import/export, international finance, communication, and journalism
  • I offer personal but professional care and an individual approach to every single customer
  • I have a passionate commitment to render the best possible services
  • I have a track record of reliability


You are welcome to contact me for a free, friendly discussion and initial advice. I shall be only pleased to help you. Please provide as much information as possible and we shall explore together the possibilities of doing business here.

As my services are unique, there is no ready-made price list for services rendered. The rates are sensibly calculated and will be agreed upon with each customer individually, depending on the degree and particular type of work to be done.


FAQ  -  Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have already a list of the largest Polish tanneries provided by the Polish Embassy and I intend to visit them shortly. Why do I need you?
    If you are an overseas customer you will probably have to stay in Poland, say, for 2 weeks. All expenses (flight, hotels, transport in Poland, interpreter etc.) would cost you at least $ 4,000 - $5,000. Even spending that amount of money does not guarantee that you chose your contacts properly and that you will succeed. Save your money: let me prepare the groundwork for you. Once I know your business and your expectations I will prepare everything you need. Then it will be time to come. Everything will be ready for your final approval.
  • How can you serve many people from various industries at one time?
    I look after every customer personally - this is the rule. I will schedule so there is little or no overlap. In the unlikely event I cannot assist someone individually, one of my trusted partners will do that (on my behalf). As a further backup, I also provide a list of carefully selected organisations, contacts and competent professionals. 

  • I am considering placing a substantial order with a reliable footwear manufacturer in Poland. Will you be able to assist?
    Yes. I will contact you with the leading Polish shoe manufacturers that have strong export experience. On your behalf, I can prepare a contract, report to you on production progress, and ensure the contract is fulfilled on time. If requested, a sub-contracted, independent inspector can provide 100% quality control before shipment.

  • I would like you to look after my business in Poland on an exclusivity basis. Is this possible?
    The fundamental idea of my business is to provide personal, individual assistance. If you would need me for your business only, I shall be pleased to do so. Under such circumstances we shall need an exclusivity agreement, and I will not enter into any similar activities with other foreign customers, if you wish so (here the rule: "First come, first served" applies). However, I shall still be able to provide a friendly (but non-competitive) service to others - there are many footwear production capacities at numerous factories in Poland. If you come from Germany or UK, I have my partners and colleagues there and they will contact you directly. If you wish, they can act as your agent and I will look after your business in Poland (you will not be charged twice for that service).

  • I produce tanning chemicals and I would like to export them to Poland and possibly to Russia and CIS states. Will you help me and how much will it cost?
    With pleasure. Please provide me with all possible information: product range and description, technical parameters, prices, delivery terms and conditions etc. I will check your offer with competent professionals and companies here. Then I will provide you with a short, comprehensive report. And I do that at no cost.

  • I am interested in hides and pigskins. I would like to buy them from Poland or former CIS countries.How can you help me?
    Poland is an importer as well as exporter of hides and skins. If you want to buy from this country, please specify if you need raw material, wet blue, crust or finished leather. Kindly provide me with required parameters (weight, size, etc) and your quality requirements. My partners deal in all aspects of hides and skins from raw to finished leather (both domestic and imported).

  • What will happen if somebody breaks the contract and uses you only as a 'first-time contact' and then, for instance, starts trading directly with a Polish company?
    I trust people and I expect them to reciprocate. Breach of a contract is a serious offence and causes unnecessary complication (not necessarily immediate court action). The leather and footwear world is rather small, and bad news generally spreads much faster than good news. I know that also as a journalist. On the other hand, even if a conflict arises, an amicable solution can be found (if both parties are willing to do so).

  • It looks like you guarantee 100% success from every contact people make with you. Is this so?
    Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that! The Polish leather and footwear sectors are slowly recovering from crises and no immediate, spectacular effects can be expected. Hard work will be required from me as well as from my foreign counterpart.
    However, Poland, with its 40 million population is an emerging market and is a huge potential outlet. It is also a gateway to Russia and CIS states. If you are thinking of a long-term, successful business opportunity - this may be a perfect place for you.
    And I am here to help you to succeed.




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I have signed an agreement with World Leather Magazine and its website -

I am their correspondent and I write all news from Poland on this website.


Polish Footwear and Leather Industry Report

Latest Report on Polish Footwear and Leather Industry provided by Polish Chamber of Shoe and Leather Industry - please click here.




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